Mandela and the ANC righted a moral wrong- He stayed in prison so long because he would not renounced terrorism and armed struggle in his fight to correct the moral wrong.  As he attained control of the population, he was very conciliatory to all parties involved.  Everyone appropriately views that participation in legal/government systems cannot be race nor ethnicity based.

Is Mandela considered courageous in part because he would not renounce violence even though it would have got him out of prison?  Bill Ayers never renounced violence for his fight against what he thought was a moral wrong? should he also a hero?  Ayers is not because Americans generally empathize more with the American policeman killed by the Weather Underground (and empathize with the policeman’s family) more than they empathize with Bill Ayers.  I think everyone should explore their rationalizations if they have completely different empathies for Mandela vs Ayers.

In Mandela’s own organization’s manifesto, it identifies “irredeemable Government stooges” as valid targets.…/f…/mandela/mandelaoperationm.html Many rent collectors who where Black qualified as “government stooges” and were tortured and killed. The manifesto did not call for rape, torture and killing of white women and children. With the exception of stooges, the target set was very similar to that of Weatherman Underground in the US. Why is it that so many think Mandela whose message directly led to the killing and torture of Black rent collectors is so much better of a person than Bill Ayers whose Weather Underground manifesto only resulted in a few policeman death by accident timing on explosions and shooting on getaways? Those that lionize Mandela need to explain why they are not also lionizing Bill Ayers. It’s especially disturbing to see Christians lionize someone whose writings rallied others to torturing and killing people: “stooges” that were not killing them. I’m not an expert on Mandela, please let me know what I have wrong.

Not everything in South Africa has turned out well. SA used to generally have life expectancy that was much higher that the rest of SubSahara Africa.  Life expectancy for men went down from 59 yrs to 51 yrs post revolution -It was especially hit by HIV.AIDs with over 10% of the population infected with HIV.  But most recently life expectancy is going back up due to better and more available drug regimens. Now life expectancy is 52.5.


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